Hoole, Chester 01244 310633

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At The Nail Spa, Hoole we offer a range of


Nail Services to suit ALL types of nails -


because when it comes to nails all clients are different!



We offer Acrylic & Gel Extensions - Sculpted or Tipped!


We offer Shellac or Gelish - because some clients are suited more to one than the other!


We offer Sculpting Gel for those who love Shellac & Gelish but want a little bit more flexible strength!


We offer Polydip for clients who need more than Shellac or Gelish but still want a lighter touch than Acrylics!


But most importantly we offer advice to ensure you walk away with the perfect system for you...


We also offer a range of facials, waxing, intimate waxing, eye treatments and tannning!



01244 310633




"Absolutely love going for my cheeky treat from the hubby.


Very welcoming, friendly and all the ladies are fantastic.


Chit-chat is always flowing and there's always a lovely brew too. The only problem is what colour your going to pick as there are soooo many! It's a little gem of a place."


Faye 2016