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The Nail & Beauty Spa Chester is approved by Image Skin Care to offer our clients Cosmeceutical Skin Lifts (Chemical Skin Peels).


Our highly trained experts will recommend the perfect lift (peel )for your skin concerns. Our lifts (peels) effectively treat acne, anti-ageing, pigmentation, lines & wrinkles, uneven skin pigmentation and Rosacea and the results are amazing.


Skin Lifts (peels) offer serious results for those clients looking for. Being Cosmescutical rather than Cosmetic the home care products and lifts can work deeply into the Dermal layer of your skin enabling surface layers to peel away leaving new, radiant skin!


Skin Lifts (peels) are pre-planned treatments. Your skin needs to be prepared for the treatment at home 2 weeks prior to your Peel.  Everyone will start with a Signature Peel which will be tailored to your specific concerns with correctors such as Retinol or Vitamin C. In your second treatment you can progress to a Level 2 Peel. Following a Level 2 Peel you will experience more peeling / shedding. You will notice flakey skin for several days which is normal.


25% of your result comes from our treatment room, the remaining 75% is achieved by you at home.  We can provide you with the products you need to prep your skin!


Image Skin Care Starter Facial  £40.00

Signature Peel £70.00

Level 2 Peel £80.00

Level 3 Perfection Peel £90.00

Courses of Tailored Peels Available


The Nail & Beauty Spa Chester also stocks a range of Image Skin Care Products... These can be used without Peels and offer fantastic results that simply can not be achived with OVC (Over the counter) Products. Please note we are unable to sell these without consultation.


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